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HOW DO I MAKE AN ORDER ?   Follow the instruction of “How To Purchase”, and then wait for an email from us to confirm about shipping time, shipping methode, and payment.

HOW DO I PAY FOR MY PLANTS ?   Methods of payment are negotiable, dont do a payment before we deal about the shipping method, and the time of delivery.

HOW WILL THEY BE DELIVERED ?   Our usually delivery method are by EMS post, DHL, and Air Freight Cargo. We can arrange alternative delivery methods if required.

DO I NEED AN IMPORT PERMIT ?   Import permit regulation vary from country to country. so we advise      checking with local government authorities to regard in any requirements. FYI, mostly countries dont need import permit if the delivery method using EMS post.

WHICH DOCUMENTS WILL BE SUPPLIED WITH MY ORDER ?   All our shipments are accompanied by the necessary import documents including a phyto-sanitary certificate, invoice and packing list. Additional documentation can be added at the customers request.


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