Ornamental Fish and Other Aquatic Pets

In addition to working in plants, we also sell ornamental fish and other aquatic pets, like snail and shrimp. We are experienced and focused on freshwater ornamental fish, from common type of fish, to rare and exotic endemic fish. We have been shipping fish legally in various countries.

What types of fish does Borneo Aquatic sell?
There are many types of fish that we sell such as Arowana, Cichlid, Discus, Betta, Guppy, Botia, Rasbora and others. For details, contact directly to marketing via WhatsApp or email for a list of products, stocks and the latest prices.
Do I need a permit to import live fish from Indonesia?
Yes, it is. You must have a license to import live fish based on the rules and regulations of the country you currently live in. And these regulations vary in each country. For more information, contact the import permit authority in your country.
Are the import permits the same between imports of plants and live fish?
No it’s different. If you want to purchase plants and fish at the same time, then the permits are different between import licenses for plants and live fish. So you need two import permits at once.


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